Pizza Express Napoli | Pizza Maker | Cooks pizzas in just 5 minutes

Pizza Express Napoli (ITA + Timer)

Special electric oven for Pizza, studied and constructed with a cooking plate made of pure refractory stone (diam. 31 cm) for baking your home made pizza with the same stone of wood-fuelled oven. It bakes in only 5 min. any type of pizza, calzoni, etc…

It cooks without fumes nor odours. Equipped with thermostat for the temperature regulation, timer, stainless steel internal upper lid, "ready" spy-light, practical wooden tray for placing the pizza on the stone and Instruction Manual with some basic recipes. The Pizza Oven "Express Napoli" is not only for pizzas, it can cook "express" any other meal like pies, meat, toasts, chestnuts, etc… (using an aluminium tray in order to keep the stone clean) like any other traditional electric oven does.

It’s quick and compact, it cooks pizzas in 5 min. and a frozen pizza in 3 min. granting a sensible energy spare in comparison to traditional ovens. It is a unique, beautiful and easy to use product. The refractory stone is the same of wooden fuelled ovens of pizzerias: it absorbs the humidity of the pizza dough, pizza doesn’t stick and cooking result is excellent.

It is the sole oven for household use that can reach the temperature of 450°C, in the respect of any safety norm. Average temperatures registrated: Level 1: 190°C Level 2: 350°C Level 2 and half: 430°C Level 3: 470°C 1200W.








Pizza Express Napoli
Pizza Express Napoli








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