Make as much or as little pizza as you require

Our electric pizza ovens are perfect for a family or for people who entertain or small restaurants that serve pizza.

Compact and fit in almost any kitchen

Since electric pizza ovens only need to be plugged in, they can easily be used in any kitchen and stored when not in use.

Energy efficient.

Out pizza ovens will heat up quickly when you switch them on. As soon as you turn them off and unplug them, they cool off quickly. You are only using energy when you are cooking the pizza instead of heating up an oven, which takes longer and wastes energy.

The Best Pizza Oven

Our pizza oven is the best solution for who wants to make home-made pizza. Very easy to use, it can
bake home-made or frozen pizzas really quickly, thanks to the high cooking temperature.

Our pizza oven exalts
the unique taste of pizza: the refractory cooking stone guarantees the same result of the traditional ovens.
Moreover, it can be used to cook, without smoke or bad smell, sweet or salted cakes, white pizzas, chestnuts.

Pizza Maker at Home is a leading supplier of quality electric pizza ovens which can be used both at home and commercial purposes. The Pizza Maker at Home online shopping section features a number of Electric Pizza Ovens that you can order online.

Why opt for an Electric Pizza Oven by Pizza Maker at Home

  • Our ovens are the Ferrari of all other pizza makers.
  • Our electric pizza oven has a refactory stone – which gives the pizza the same taste as the original Italian woodburning oven pizza’s.
  • Our pizza ovens are compact, portable and easy to store – Ideal for camping.
  • Cooks a pizza more quickly and evenly than a conventional oven.
  • Our Pizza Cooker can cook a fresh pizza or frozen pizza’s in a couple of minutes.
  • Our Pizzas have a crispy base.
  • Electronic timers with visible and audible indicators on some models eliminate luck and guesswork from cooking the perfect pizza
  • Our pizza ovens are convenient and user friendly
  • Our pizza ovens are versatile and multifunctional – you can make a variety of dishes in the the oven in a very short time, which saves on your electricity bill.
  • Generator friendly for all the “black-out” days
  • Use it to cook any dish you can make in an oven – also make your own tasty “banting” pizza

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